The Story So Far

This is a campaign that takes elements from both the Dark Sun and Eberron campaign settings, and blends them together into a post apocalyptic setting full of intrigue and mystery.

100 years after the end of the last war, the mists from the Mournlands began to spread across the countryside. No one knows what caused the mists to flare up and begin to slowly roll across the plains. As the mists moved across the land, it began to kill plan and animal life in its wake. Once a person was touched by the mists, it often spelled certain death. This caused entire nations to panic, and infight with each other as they looked for a way to stop the mists.

In the chaos, the countries monarchies fell or were severely weakened. In this void, the Dragonmarked houses stepped in and began to provide goods and services to those who would ally themselves with the house. Now, the Dragonmarked houses hold most of the power, and once mighty kingdoms are now shadows of their former selves, if they even exist at all.

Research was conducted by members of the houses, and found that the use of arcane magic was causing the mists to continue to spread, and in areas that had been abandoned, the mists were beginning to recede. It was with this decree that the Dragonmarked houses began to use their power, instituting bans on the use of Arcane magic. However, those members of Dragonmarked houses were deemed responsible enough that they were given a reprieve from this ban, showing an obvious favoritism. There were those who did not agree with the edict. Many of them were executed publicly, however some were able to escape.

Eberron’s reliance on magic was so strong that they needed another force to fill in the void. Dragonmarked houses had been working on harnessing the energy from within people. With the right techniques, it became quite easy to teach people how to draw from this inner reserve of psychic energy and use it in much the same way that arcane magic had been used in the past. Dragonmarked houses often look down on this as peasant magic, however every Dragonmarked house holds members who are masters of the Psionic arts.

That wasn’t all that changed over time as well. With many lands lost to the mists, resources became very scarce, to the point where common goods such as grains and metals became extremely rare. Society changed and began to look to other materials to fulfill their needs now. Weapons of bone and crystalline substances became more common, while armors were treated with new Alchemical substances to accommodate the lack of metal.

Over the centuries, the mists began to weaken their grasp over the land, leaving vast desert wastelands in their wake. Lifeless areas now exist between large cities and citadels of power. Some ventured beyond the city walls on foot. Less made it to their destinations. Survivors often spoke of roving bands of cannibals, insane warforged creations, and warped versions of what used to be common animals. There were also stories of bands of undead who shambled through the mists, and shadows that attacked people as they walked by.

The other continents were largely unaffected by the mists, however the crisis on the mainland has put pressures on the other continents. Xen’drik has now become a haven for refugees who did not want to bow down to the powers of the Dragonmarked houses. The attitude on the island is very close to lawlessness, and is a wretched hive of scum and villany. Life on Xen’drik is hard, and civilization sticks close to the coast for fear of the Drow and other unknown beasts in the Jungles.

At the beginning of the campaign, it will be 999 years after the last war. The lands the mists touched are still barren wastelands, and only rumors have circulated about lands beginning to return to the time before the mists on the continent of Khorvaire. The PC’s will start in Sharn, the City of Towers. Sharn has been plagued by a rash of strange murders lately, with pieces of victims being removed from the body.

How the characters meet/associate with each other prior to the campaign is up to them.

What I hope to accomplish

In this campaign I hope to accomplish a balance between published setting material and the traditional homebrew campaign. This mix gives players a chance to encounter things that are important in both settings (such as Dragonmarked houses, dragon shards, Sorcerer King Dynasties, and of course, Cannibal Halflings) while still leaving the setting open enough to allow the PC’s to really interact with the world.

I’d like to focus on the Dragonmarked houses in this campaign. Players are encouraged to play characters with some association to a Dragonmarked house. However, all concepts are welcome.

One part of the Dark Sun setting that exists in here is the fact that Arcane magic hurts the world around you. You are welcome to play an arcane character. However, think of the consequences of you choice.

I am also a huge proponent of the idea that a campaign is a shared storytelling experience. I want players to be just as in engaged with the story as I am in coming up with plot kits. While I am against the idea of something like “Oh, there’s a tower over there randomly”, I am for players taking artistic license with some of the setting elements. I am also open to suggestions of things that players think would be fun. It’s my responsibility as a DM to provide a fun setting for the PC’s to interact with, but I’m not a mind reader in the least.

Character Creation

Character Creation will be done by the Type 2 process as shown in PHB1 (Standard Point Buy). All races and classes are allowed, as are all feats and powers featured in official WoTC Dungeons and Dragons books/online content. The Pantheon of Gods that will be used is the Eberron Pantheon. If you wish to serve another god, talk with me and we can figure something out story wise. Otherwise, depending on the rules for worshiping the Sorcerer Kings (As featured in Dark Sun), worshiping the heads of the Dragonmarked Houses may be a possibility.

The campaign will start at Level 8. This is to give players a chance to try out their heroic tier powers, and give a few levels to retrain them if they deem necessary. It also serves the purpose of not dragging through the entire heroic tier of play again, and have a close starting point to Paragon.

Mist Touched Characters: You need to talk to me if you plan on playing a Mist Touched Character. Mist Touched is a re-flavoring of the Spell Scars from Forgotten Realms. The only race that cannot be Mist Touched is Warforged.

Dragonmarks can be gained in play. However, this is not common, and will have to be accompanied by a story reason. If you are interested, please talk with me.

Furthermore, I am allowing people to choose a single background for their character. This will have to be shown with a written character background. If you would like a background that is not in the settings of the campaigns (e.g Scales of War, Forgotten Realms) then talk with me and we’ll see if we can re-flavor the background type.

The Mourning